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Childhood is a viral infection that causes swelling in the glands of the neck.

Hilarious stories of paranormal activities,

tips on how to remain young, charming and avoid accidents,

and a love story between two women. This is Mortality, hooray!

A play about the disability of humans to relate with the others,

the obsession with social orders and at the same time

a narration about the unpredictable strength of love.

Greta follows beauty tips, Jim considers himself

to be the victim of paranormal blitz,

while Mary and Mrs Ko fall in love with each other.

The mystery of the human soul creates a poetic universe full of absurdity,

contradictions and hope, interrupted by scientific information.

It’s an accurate, erotic composition, an enigma based on reality.

Reality is funny.

The play encapsulates eastern civilization in a certain sense,

wondering what knowledge is

and providing a humorous perspective on human relations

as an incredibly unique cosmos in need of revision and reunion;

an attempt to make the gaze more tender and brave,

while it envisions the present as a moment of coexistence, as eternity.

In the end, even death unites us.

Written and Directed by Artemis Chrysostomidou

Performed by Heiki Riipinen,  Marina Argyridou, Ivy Sayers, Kleopatra Markou

Associate Interdisciplinary Dramaturgy by Charikleia Tatsi 

Sound Design by Lia Stavropoulou

Light Design by Ralf Arndt


Premiere: November 7, 20:00

2020 Expo Festival, English Theater Berlin

Funded by English Theatre Berlin, International Performing Arts Center,

Cyprus Ministry of Education and Culture

Pre-project funded by Kulturrådet, Arts Council Norway

Supported by Temporars by Muzeum Susch, Art Stations Foundation Switzerland


© All rights reserved to Artemis Chrysostomidou

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