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R    A    W        E    G    G    S​

A transgender actor is interviewed to join a group, the Social Disaster Club; strange stories from the past come to light, while music, polyphonic songs and a mysterious, manipulative voice interrupt the narration. RAW EGGS is a new dramaturgy about the oppression and defense of freedom, how we might subvert a domineering family environment to permit the peculiarity and uniqueness of the self to triumph, and trace the poetry of bravery in the mythology of reality.

I am doing everything I can to lose all the friends I have.

Written, Directed by Artemis Chrysostomidou
Performed by Lia Stavropoulou, Leigh Sayers
Music by Lia Stavropoulou
Artistic collaboration by Haris Tatsi

2 September 2022
O Rumo do Fumo

Espaço da Penha Lisbon

5-18 June 2023
Altofest Naples
International Contemporary Live Art Festival | TeatrInGestAzione

Supported by O Rumo do Fumo Residency Programme, Polo Cultural Gaivotas, Boavista, City Council of Lisbon, Altofest Naples, International Contemporary Live Art Festival and TeatrInGestAzione Italy

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