R    A    W        E    G    G    S​

in progress

Raw Eggs is a new dramaturgy about the oppression and defense of freedom, starting from the institution of the family.

Stories based on true stories of queer people

hilariously narrated, tracing the poetry of bravery

in the mythology of reality.

-Who are the people in the picture?

-On the left is me. My mother used to read the Psychologist Magazine, once she had read that: wearing rings while doing a handshake is painful. So she never allowed me to wear jewelry. She used to practise aerobics through videos with Jane Fonda. I think that's why I became interested in girls, attractive women in tight clothes working out. On the right is my aunt Sheila, I'm not sure if she was really my aunt, I only saw her at weddings and she was always drunk. She grabbed you and said, I really really love you. And insisted. She was incredibly strong and insisted, holding you tight until she convinced you that she loved you.

Written, Directed by Artemis Chrysostomidou
Music by Lia Stavropoulou
Interdisciplinary Dramaturgy by Charikleia Tatsi
Performed by Lia Stavropoulou, Leigh Sayers etc 

2 September 2022

O Rumo do Fumo Lisbon | Espaço da Penha Lisbon